All of our waterslide nail decals are printed on the highest quality waterslide decal paper.
The high resolution designs are all printed on clear backgrounds.
Any white in a design will be clear on your nail.
They are slightly opaque, so they look best on a natural or light colored nail.

Nail Decals can be applied to natural, acrylic, gel or any other artificial nail.

All nail decals are packaged in a clear bag with easy-to-follow instructions.
1. Apply on a natural or lightly colored nail
2. Trim close to design
3. Soak decal in water for 10 seconds
4. Slide the backing paper from the design and place on your nail
5. Dry excess water from decal
6. Cover with a good clear top coat

There are 2 sizes of nail decals for you to choose from - Adult 3/8" and Child 1/4".

Our high quality Waterslide Nail Decals come in more designs then you can imagine.
And we can even make a custom design that only you can imagine.
Custom nail decals are only $2.50 a set. Email us your picture, logo, or idea and we'll make it for you.

We have all the designs you'd want for the best looking do it yourself nails.